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Feasibility Check on a 1933 Dodge Truck Customization
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Thread: Feasibility Check on a 1933 Dodge Truck Customization

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    Feasibility Check on a 1933 Dodge Truck Customization

    Let me preface this by saying that, though I'm mechanically inclined, I don't have much experience in automotive restoration, welding, fabrication, etc. However, I'm a fast learner and, as said, mechanically inclined. What I need is a feasibility check. What I'd like to do is obviously difficult, but I don't know if it's impossible for all but a prohibitively expensive custom house to pull off. Without further ado...

    I've had a love of old trucks for a long time but, having owned a 2005 Ford Ranger with a standard cab, I know the joyless nature of a ride with no ability to move the seat into a comfortable position. For a long time, I've thought about extending the cab of an older truck to create a thing of beauty with an increase in comfort. A true restoration this is not. What I'm thinking about is a 1933 Dodge Truck. It's a thing of beauty.

    In 1933, Dodge Trucks were still on an auto chassis and, as near as I can tell, there was a considerable amount of parts sharing between the trucks and cars at this time. When I look at the 1933 Dodge Sedan, I like the area behind the second set of doors, and think that this would make a reasonable donor.

    Shortening the body so that the second set of doors is taken out and the rear and front mated, with some pieces from the truck stitched in, I see the following in my head:

    Ignoring the color mismatch (I made this in MSPaint years ago), I think it looks pretty cool, though I think I'd need to lengthen the bed to balance the proportions.

    How likely is it that the two bodies can be mated successfully with little pain in the process?

    I'd wondered about dropping this onto a more modern frame to get 4 wheel drive, disc brakes, etc. Given the narrow width I assume these have, I would think the S10 frame would be the only possibility. Is this even an option, though?

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.
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